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Morakot Island

Now it will be interesting to see, how the Cambodian authorities will deal with Morakot Island.

Another question will be for how long Mr.Putin will keep him in a Russian jail cell and what kind of charges will be brought up against him.

Certainly the Cambodian authorities will have a serious look into the matter in order to decide, what will be the best for the country.

Surely they can find some reasons for refusing another entry into Cambodia and perhaps also for confiscating the island.

Just to make way for some highly reputed operators, who would surely like to help the country by taking over this prestigious project.

So what will happen next with Morakot Island? Will Sergei Polonsky's spouse Olga Deripasko take over the business, or some lawyers, or the government?

All a blind guess right now and perhaps he might even be able to bail himself out and come back soon to his wonderful Morakot Island.


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Morakot Island Sihanoukville

photo Morakot Island
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Morakot Island Sihanoukville


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