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Phnom Penh rainy season

Phnom Penh flood

During the rainy season many parts of Phnom Penh suffer from heavy flash floods when even only half an hour of heavy rain may turn the streets into creeks and lakes.

Heavily affected is always the Riverside area around the Kandal market, where the drainage system is getting severely jammed by by loads of litter and garbage, which starts drifting around the area during rain showers.

Walking around at that time can be fairly adventurous, when in particular at night every footstep becomes fully unpredictable as there is no regular and refillable pavement.

Holes in the ground and all sorts of obstacles can be expected and pedestrians are well advised, to wait until the water has disappeared.

Phnom Penh flooded
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Rain floods in Phnom Penh

Only 200 meters away from the Riverside Promenade also the busy 136 street may turn into a river after a heavy rain shower and walking around becomes almost impossible

Rain flood in Phnom Penh
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Rain flood in Phnom Penh

Absolutely in jeopardy are also all those nice bars and restaurant on Riverside, in particular on street 172 and on 178 like here at Rory's Irish Pub, which can get flooded after 1 hour of heavy rain.

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