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Phnom Penh sports bars

Sports bars are important in Phnom Penh as they are helping out late night when the large expat community is tuning into footy, rugby, NFL football, Baseball and whatever is getting them excited.

Thanks to it's great equipment the Score bar has emerged as the leading venue in Phnom Penh, followed by Paddy Rice on Riverside and Harry's Sundance on street 172 alongside his new acquisition California 2 near the night market.

The Score bar Phnom Penh
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The Score bar

Nothing beats the size and the decoration of the Score bar, where the big Phnom Penh expat scene assembles not only for great footy or rugby nights.

Lone Star Phnom Penh
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Lone Star

True Texan hospitality and great enthusiasm for NFL action can be expected at Greg's wonderful Lone Star Saloon, where also the American style food has become a serious trend setter in Phnom Penh.


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