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Exploring Kep

Some of the must visit locations in Cambodia are most obviously Kampot and Kep, where not only some fantastic resorts and finest sea food have attracted many visitors, and also a fairly large French community, which is enjoying some very relaxed, but still exquisite lifestyle.

Meanwhile around 40.000 people are living in Kep, where some exciting resorts and the 1 kilometer long beach have become the main attractions besides the Zoo and the National Park.

Getting to Kep

By taxi it only takes 2,5 hours from Phnom Penh at current rates of around $50, while all those, who may like it more simple, can easily hop on a public bus for $4 to $5 to explore some of the local life during the 5 - 6 hours journey.

Frequent stops at restaurants or for delivery jobs tend to turn the official 3,5 hours traveling time into a much longer trip, which can be very interesting as many Khmer people also use public buses as an affordable transportation method.

Besides the public buses one may also consider a faster mini van option for around $8 to speed up the journey.

But unfortunately some local agents tend to sell fake mini van tickets what makes their clients end up on a slow public bus, what gives them a huge profit of $3 to $4.

In Kep

Kep is a lovely place to visit and highly recommend are two amazing venues:

The Spring Valley Resort with great value rooms for around $40 per night and the more luxurious Knai Bang Chatt Resort, with some incredibly good features. Read the full story here

And only a short walk away from the Knai Bang Chatt Resort is the lovely Crab market.

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Kep Sunset
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Knai Bang Chatt

Knai Bang Chatt in Kep

Relaxing at the Knai Bang Chatt resort in Kep is an amazing holiday experience right on the beach with also the cute sailing club attached.

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Kep Crab Market

Kep Crab Market

Dining at the Kep Crab market offers a lovely fresh sea food experience at very affordable rates.

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