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Japanese Culture in Phnom Penh

Japanese Culture

There are only 700 Japanese living in Phnom Penh, but advertising for Japanese brands and products can be found all around the city.

Large billboards are branding Japanese cars and bikes as well as Japanese electronics.

And even the infamous Tuk Tuk motor bike taxis are carrying advertising for the luxurious Japanese beauty salon DE Gran.

But primarily it is the large variety of Japanese restaurants that is carrying the flag for Japanese lifestyle and culture in Phnom Penh, which also the Cambodians and the large expat community are enjoying to the fullest.

Japanese Sashimi

Japanese Sashimi

Any attempt to explore Japanese food in Phnom Penh would have to include a visit to the amazing Origami restaurant which is located right between the Royal Palace and Naga World.

The food quality is absolutely magnificent and the interior design is nothing but strictly high end Origami art presenting some amazing furniture and decorations alongside a stunning collection of traditional Ningyo dolls.

California Rolls
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Menu at the Origami Restaurant

What a delicious Japanese composition that does turn every meal into a ceremony.

Special Video

Enjoy a video production showing Japanese restaurants, Ningyo Dolls and Manga on Japanese WAORYU Internet TV

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