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The Dangkor Dumpsite

It is a puzzling fact that a small bottle of beer is sold for a very high price of 2 Dollars right in between one of the most famous tourist attractions in Cambodia, the everlasting Killing fields and the new dumpsite of Phnom Penh where over 200 poor families are exposed to all types of diseases and various other problems whilst working very hard to just make 1 Dollar a day,

An even better beer does cost as little a 50 cents on fancy Riverside and one may wonder where tourists are going when dropping of their "donations".

Why not paying a visit to Pastor Sihok and learn more about his work and how miserable his village people are living without water and electricity but surrounded by millions of insects and tons of mud during the long rainy season.

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The Dumpsite people

Many families on the dumpsite depend also on the work of their children who are constantly exposed to multiple health risks.

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Pastor Sihouk is looking after the needs of the waste picker families and has just launched an initiative for setting up his Dumpsite Ministry.

Pastor Sihok


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