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Cars and Jeeps in Cambodia

Hummer Jeeps in Phnom Penh

There are all types of cars in Cambodia from the very latest Mercedes Benz to the poshest Hummer Jeep, Porsche and also some funky riders alongside eldest run down trucks and some genius "Motorbike lorries".

Have a look at a collection of typical photos from some amazing vehicles, which can all be admired in the Kingdom of Wonders.

Obviously many fans of Hummer Jeeps must be living Cambodia, and one may wonder, if it might be worth to set up a small factory for this clientele.

Hummer Jeep
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Hummer Jeep in Cambodia

There are all types of biggest Hummer Jeeps available in Cambodia, which have emerged as a certain status symbol for certain people.

Hummer Jeep in Cambodia
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Hummer Jeep in Phnom Penh

Some people are surprised to see, how may Hummer Jeeps have found their way into Cambodia, where apparently the thirstiest vehicles seem to be the most popular ones.

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