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Best way to travel Cambodia

Traveling around Cambodia is much more easy and entertaining as most holiday makers would think.

Of course, such top shelve luxury levels like marketed in Thailand are hard to find, though there are still enough quality attractions that can be enjoyed around Cambodia.

Certainly one has to explore the variety of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap with Angkor Wat, Kampot Pepper and the Kep crab market before hitting Sihanoukville with it's beautiful islands and relaxing beaches.

Sihanoukville prides a superb variety of lovely beaches and all kinds of accommodations from finest resorts to affordable guest houses.

Of course, most holiday makers want to stay as close to the beach as possible, while others enjoy staying within a comfortable distance for a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

In fact Sihanoukville is ideal for renting a scooter, so that maximum distances of 10 kilometers are just a nice fun ride while exploring the entire area with all of it's beaches.

Best Hotels in Phnom Penh

Booking great quality rooms has a name in Phnom Penh and that is "The Himawari". Certainly not for low budget travelers, but for all those, who want to explore the city at it's finest levels Photos & Story.

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Three Islands Tour

Sihanoukville beaches
Enjoy a relaxing day out for fishing and snorkeling around three beautiful Sihanoukville Islands for $15 with lunch included.

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Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Beach resort

Very beautiful is the area of the Sokha Beach Resort.

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