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Nature and Wildlife in Cambodia

Animals in Cambodia

Obviously there are a lot of unwanted and well liked animals in Phnom Penh City and all over Cambodia, where each house seems to have battalions of intruders.

Geckos rank somewhere near pets as they are doing a great job by reducing the amount of insects, while not all dogs may achieve a pampered status and could end up at a butcher.

But like in most parts of the Asian world, it seems that all kinds of animals including crickets, cockroaches and frogs may end up fried once they get detected and even dogs, cats, rats, snakes and plenty others are not always safe from local dining habits.

However, Phnom Penh Tour shows a few of those animals, that one may come across in uptown Riverside areas and all around Cambodia.

Then the Phnom Tamao Tour is looking at the incredible amount of wildlife staying inside an impressive Animal shelter and Zoo.

And finally, the Sihanoukville Tour is kind of new and has just started in this lovely coastal part of Cambodia.

Phnom Tamao Zoo video

Phnom Tamao Zoo Cambodia

Watch cute animals like Eagles, Marabus, Crocodiles and more at the Phnom Tamao Zoo
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Crocodile in Cambodia
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Crocodile Cambodia

Not only the Crocodiles are making it worth to come out to the impressive Phnom Tamau Zoo.

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Tokay Gecko in Phnom Penh
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Gecko in jeopardy

Geckos are beautiful and useful, as they eat primarily insects. Nvertheless, their life is in danger, when cats are around.

Frog in jeopardy

Frog Cambodia

See what was happening next to this cute little garden frog.

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Butterfly Cambodia

And this beautiful butterfly is sharing the same garden with the frogs.





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