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Animals and Wildlife in Cambodia
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Elephants in Cambodia

Obviously there are a lot of unwanted and wanted animals in Phnom Penh City and all around Cambodia where each house seems to have battalions of unpleasant intruders.

Geckos rank somewhere in between cats, dogs and those groups that might get killed or eaten once spotted.

Their noise and crap might be disturbing for some, but still, they do a great job by reducing the amount of insects.

But like everywhere in most parts of the world it seems that all kinds of animals including crickets, cockroaches and frogs are may end up fried once they get detected and even dogs, cats, rats, snakes and plenty others are not always safe from local dining habits.

However, here are few of those animals that one may come across in uptown Phnom Penh and Cambodia, either on a plate, or just butchered for fun or als

Phnom Tamao Zoo

Phnom Tamao Zoo Cambodia

Watch special animals like Eagles, Marabus Crocodiles and more at the Phnom Tamao Zoo
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photo Elephant in Cambodia
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Elephants in Cambodia

What is better, being dead or living in a cage where nasty minded viewers look down on your soul.

Elephant in Cambodia
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Elephants in Cambodia

Elephants have a soul, but so far only the Sri Lankans seem to have learned about that.


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