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Traveling in Cambodia

Cambodia Landscapes

Imagine if you were a madly in love young couple in some of your eventually most exciting years of a lifetime to get married in Cambodia!

Just book a flight to Phnom Penh where meanwhile Asian summits are running under the wise leadership of Hun Sen, who is known as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world after having brought tremendous growth and stability to a previously hard driven small nation that had ended up sad as a victim of political International cold war strategies between some bigger powers that where battling for control over widest parts of South Asia.

Obviously, such dismal periods have left an impact on Cambodia.

But the good news is, that Cambodia has been brought up to some great developments which has made the country become attractive for a rapidly rising amount of intellectuals and investors from all over the world who appreciate the becoming a part of South Asia where China, Russia, Europe and Australia are melting together in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

What a region to explore for a perfect wedding in Asia with 3 exciting Buddhist countries to visit.

Looking at realities shows, that most obviously Cambodia deserves to be a prime location for an internationally acknowledged official wedding even when both are foreigners.

So getting the papers sorted out may take a few days in Phnom Penh and some stamp fees, embassy advise and so on, but once that one is done, the wonderful road to Sihanoukville will give hot lovers the ultimate kill when deciding for a cool van and driver at around $60 for an extremely romantic run to exciting Sihanoukville where a wonderful Catholic priest will provide a perfect ceremony to be followed by a private beach party at one of the most scenic venues in the World.

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Sunset in Cambodia
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Drive to Sihanoukville

Imagine if you were madly in love and rolling into such lovely sunsets inside an AC van with a cool driver, some nice drinks, sweet music and all melting into these beautiful landscapes of South Asia.

Road to Sihanoukville
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Road to Sihanoukville

Leaving Phnom Penh at around 2 p.m. offers a good chance for some great views.


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