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Food, drinks n' dinners in Cambodia

Food and dinners
in Phnom Penh

The selection of enjoyable restaurants in Phnom Penh is magnificent and it is easy, to find a variety of really good venues.

High class Japanese Restaurants

A pride of Phnom Penh are certainly the Japanese restaurants with in particular the artistic Origami, which is worth a visit for all those, with high end expectations concerning food quality and a stunning traditional interior design created by Madame Kimura. Read more and watch the video


Rahu - Japanese Fusion

For example the wonderful river promenade in Phnom Penh leads to the exciting Rahu Bar and Restaurant, which has been launched by a highly creative American investor, who has come up with a superb interior design and a very convincing kitchen. Read more

Food and drinks in Cambodia

Very impressive and versatile is the international selection of restaurants in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and in Sihanoukville, where it all starts with around $1 for some tasty food in the streets up to top end dining at 5 Star Raffles and Sokha Beach.

In particular Phnom Penh has a lot to offer with so many great restaurants dedicated to Khmer, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, American and Korean specialties.

Lovely food in Phnom Penh!

But finding the right meals and restaurants in Phnom Penh can be a challenge.

Cooks are changing as often as prices and recipes, but certainly there are always enough good ones ready to replace those, that lose out on quality.

Photo Mojito in Phnom Penh
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Drinks & Food Tour

rolls gently into the evening with such wonderful Mojitos at around $1.50 on Phnom Penh Riverside or on any of the Sihanoukville beaches, what has certainly become a significant attraction to visitors and expats, who don't mind a bit of Western food and street food as well.

Enjoy the tour

photo Pad Thai prawns
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Asian Food Tour

It all begins with a light starter at the Herb Restaurant or the Grand River, where they are serving such kind of a quality Pad Thai prawns.

Enjoy the tour


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