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New 3 year visa for Cambodia

While Thailand is making it more and more difficult to obtain a visa the Cambodian government has started to issue 3 year visas with multiple entry.

By 2020 Cambodia would like to see 7 million foreigners spending money in the Kingdom and the new visa policy can be considered as a milestone for the development of the country.

Already before, the visa procedures in Cambodia had been among the best on the planet and that is why so many private investors from all around the world have decided to live in Cambodia.

Greg Hill @ Lone Star Phnom Penh
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Greg @ Lone Star

Texan style meat flavors were brought in by Greg, who has successfully invested his "Lone Star" salon, restaurant and guesthouse since many years.

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Madame Kimura @ Origami restaurant
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Madame Kimura @ Origami

Also many Japanese are investing into Cambodia and the impressive Madame Kimura owns two of the best restaurants in Phnom Penh, where members of the Royal family and leading politicians and business men are enjoying the finest food and services.

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Over 700 Japanese are already living in Cambodia and they are investing all over the country at private and also large corporate levels to participate in the dynamics of the Cambodian economy.

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With it's 8 beaches Sihanoukville has become a popular home for private investors from around the world as this beautiful coastal area is seeing a consistent boom at all levels.

The large international expat community feels well with a large variety of foods and drinks, plenty of entertainment and still very moderate rates, so that plenty of business opportunities are given.

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